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Twinflame Union Ascension Oil

Twinflame Union Ascension Oil

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Essential oils, herbs, jojoba oil, crystals and glass bottle with label


The TwinFlame oil I made is for protection, clearing, removing blockages, unconditional love and union for the Divine Counterparts this oil is charged with crystals and the energy of Isis and the higher realms “that was my intention making every single bottle.” The smell draws you in immediately make sure you to anoint your pulse points, letters, candles or affirmations during the moon cycles and make sure to anoint your Divine Masculine as well.

I apply the oil to the back of my neck, crown and over my heart. Put some in your hand and rub them together and breath deep. Each of the oils used are to protect, clear and shield as well.

You will receive one 2 oz glass bottle made with essential oils, herbs and blended with jojoba oil.

Do not use diluted oils in diffusers. Do not use essential oils on your body if you health issues, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always do a skin patch test first. Do not take internally, external use only. Store the oil away from heat, Keep away from children and pets.

Legal Disclaimer: All of the information and services are for educational, spiritual, inspirational and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to, nor should they ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. We do not provide medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy of any kind; neither do we provide legal or psychological advice.
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