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The Almighty One Tea

The Almighty One Tea

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The Almighty One Tea

Folk Names: Heal All, Self Heal, Hook Heal, Hook Weed, Sickle Wort

Like the name says, this herb is a boon to any working for health, be it physical or mental. One may add All Heal to any healing incense blend or burn it alone for beneficial results. One may also add a pinch of the herb to healing oil for added effect.

Magical Properties:

SELF HEAL, (also known as ALL HEAL) is used to Aid Health. In Times of Sickness: When someone in the home is ill, make a tea of SELF HEAL, strain it, and sprinkle or spray the liquid around the room and on the sick person. This is done both to relieve the afflicted one and to keep the sickness from affecting visitors or family members. For Better Health: Place SELF HEAL in a white flannel bag withAngelica Root and Golden Seal, dress the bag with Holy Oil orBlessing Oil, and sew it into the mattress of a loved one who suffers chronic pain, serious disease, or acute illness. A Mojo Hand for Health: A pinch of SELF HEAL, a whole Angelica Root , and a pinch of Sandalwood, in a red bag will keep the bearer in good health. We make no claims for SELF HEAL

*Infuse for 10 minutes or longer if needed 

Legal Disclaimer: All of the information and services are for educational, spiritual, inspirational and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to, nor should they ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. We do not provide medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy of any kind; neither do we provide legal or psychological advice.
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